My year end review (since everyone else has one)

My things that meant stuff to me this year.

Fever ray
She is awesome awesome awesome. Was a hard sell for me the first time I heard it until I saw the videos and what have you. Seeing her live sealed the deal that this lady is now in my list of favorite artists... Bjork, look out!

Sin Fang Bous:
I love this guy. His album is great all the way through, and he is cute to boot! I have cooked many a meal with his album as my soundtrack.

Anhony and the Johnsons-The Crying Light:
Sad and languid. Lovely. Saw him perform at the schnitzer, and I wept in my overpriced pinot gris.

Grizzly bear-Vectamist:
We all know we all loved it.

Dear Zachary:
It officially came out in October of 2008, but it was in 2009 that it ripped myself and most people I know into little piles of sad.

Ugh, no more!

It seems to be in everything this year, and I am so so glad.

A&E shows:
Intervention, Obsessed, Hoarders, Awesome.

There was so so much more... But I gotta go to work. So thats all for 2009.
Oh, and I can't forget one of my favorite things of the year.


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auggie rebelo said...

those are a lot of great things!!!