Portland got even whiter!

OH MY GOD! It snowed hardcore! I've never encountered anything quite like it. Its been awesome, difficult at times, and completely memorable! I had so much fun with so many people I love. I finally got my snow day. I don't know what else to say except that this was one of the best x-mas times ever! Check out my Flickr for a whole bunch of photos.


I like Astoria

Willow and I went to Astoria for a night. We drink a lot of champagne. Strolled through town in the fog (the only two out) and rocked our best western hotel heated pool and hot tub at 1 in the morning. Oh and we got the cops called on us because we were rebel-rousing in the residential hilly area (that they consider the san francisco of the northwest...yah...right). We ran from the fuzz though so the man didn't hold us down. Neither of us had ever been there and it was awesome. Before I moved to portland the only ideas i had of the pacific northwest were from Goonies. And for a night....we were......GOONIES!!

I ate stuff...ing...ohhh, get it?

Thanksgiving ruled this year. Spent the first half of the day drinking and cooking with the loveliest ladies that are Nicole and Willow. I made baked mac n cheese and 2 pies...good pies. This was the probably one of the first thanksgiving of my life that I wanted to eat everything there, all the food ruled. I fell asleep once....that is all.


Downsy in the city

So Sex in the city is making a sequel. Yah, they're doing it again. I just felt the need to rant about it. Its like a kid with down syndrome who is unaware of its condition. Sex in the city has down syndrome, poor thing. I cannot, no, will not sit through that part deux. Don't get me wrong, I have a tiny glimmer of hope, the kind of hope you'd need to be drunk to really believe. If they brought back all the writers from the show and made it, oh I dunno, more like the show, then it has a chance. But Im not crossing my gay fingers. thats all.


Willows birthday

Some good times on Willow day. Karaoke is awesome!


fuckin cool!

Leanne won! Her work is amazing and Im so proud of her and shit. We all got together to watch her win. She unfortunatly couldnt be there cause she had to be all famous in New York. Whats a high profile party when you can have take and bake pizza?
Gonna get as much of her as we can before she leaves to tear it up in New York. We love you Leanne!


Leanne and Nathan's b-day

We all went out to the Screen Door and the Red flag for Leanne and Nathan's b-day.
And this is how the night ended
What a sexy night!


I made a blog

I made a blog. its pretty much gonna be to make me take more pictures of your lovely faces.