Les Set

These are all of the albums I played on my very first DJ set as DJ Rob'd! Posted this cause its exciting for a gay boy who grew up in a small town in the 90's. I feel like I'm the movie Party Girl. He-he-heyyyyyyyyyy!!!


Its been a while

Since I posted something. I suppose life (drinking) got in the way of my writing (sloppily mashing the keyboard with champagne holdin hand).
Things have changed, people have changed, but one thing always remains the same....your all drunks! And I like you!

Some bullet points... I will try to go chronologically

We moved into our new house

With a new kitchen

Many amazing people visited
Got an edition to the family, Mason

we camped

We cooked, drank, and I threw up a few times. No need for a picture on that one.

Some of us got engaged!
Rachel opened an awesome business, that has beer!!!

I got a promotion....they didn't allow me to take a drunk picture of that....

And now I am awaiting winter, in therapy, planning vacations, and learning how to d.j... Tomorrow.
All in all the last year has been topsy turvy... Some times tough, tempered with the awesome!
Heres to the upcoming Thanksgiving, x-mas...and me stayin on top of this shit in 2011....the FUUUUUUUTTTTTTTUUUUURRRRRREEE...