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We all went to Auggies' works christmas party. Yes its April, but isn't that just another word for christmas? no? Well who's countin, that's what I say. Open bar+all of us=awesomeness. Auggie got cut off by our waitress, and that was funny. I say it here because I have to keep an un-spoken promise to Carrie Foudey that no one lets him live that down. And I'm nothing if not a promise keeper. I had like 7 greyhounds cuase I like to keep it real, real classy.  So yah, drinkin is fun basically.
     Merry Christmas


If you like it then you shoulda put a Willow in it

You know Willow would wear and do this in a heart beat! YOU KNOW IT!


Oroville, Easter, and me

We went to O-town for Easter. The weather was FUCKING WONDERFUL! Auggie met the rest of the McKeys, and we actually met some of the Azevedos, which was......Waspy. It was great/stressful.  Oroville has changed some, but will always be the same...in most ways. According to my uncle Buzz, the hotel Auggie and I were staying in had cameras and was watched by the cops cause they owned it...which is nice. My grandma has now managed to own like a thousand chickens and pit bull thats on the run from the law. AMPM is still where its at! Crackheads are still Orovilles most natural and abundant resource, next to indian/native american casinos. Rock band thinks I'm a rockstar. But seriously folks...It was beautiful! The sun was out the whole time, and the nights were warm. The wildflowers were out and so were the birds, frogs, and crickets. And among all that, were two fags, and redheaded sexpot.....now thats easter. 

Catchin Up: I Crush you

We've been drinkin! We did it at Crush, thats pretty much the gist. Rachel and Jess were D.J'n so we all showed our love for them by drinkin and movin. Little bit of shakin and fallin too. 

Catch'in up: Winter picnics have a lotta drunks

So I just paid for my flikr account so I can start posting pictures again. yay! So yah, back in January we had our dinner night. The theme being winter picnic cause I'm gay and I make people eat dinners that are themed. The main theme being alcohol and what goes best with it. This night stuffed burgers were on the menu and I HELPED! Short story short, we had fun, missed Nathan and Leanne (a dinner night staple) and we saw Caroline, Danny, and little Lola before they moved here 2 1/2 months later. I made corn.