New York sure is lucky

Nathan and leanne left for New York. So we sent them off with booze laughs. There so many things to say about being sad that they are gone, but I'll put those aside and use them to guilt into letting us crash at their pad in the "New York City". heh. So happy for them, Its gonna be so awesome for the both of them. I can't wait to see what Leanne makes next. Love you both,  and it wont be too long before we eat home made corn dogs together again. 


NYE Pub crawl 2009

We did our 2nd annual New years eve pub crawl. Started off rocky with the Horsebrass not taking all of us so we had to find another bar (there were over 20 of us) but The Tanker turned out to be perfect.  A lot of drinking was done, a lot walking was done, and a lot of fun was had. We started at Rachels and Wendy's, then to the Tanker, then to our house, then to Carrie P's house, then the Bonfire, and lastly to Jess and Nathans (sadly for the last time). I will let the pictures speak for the night. 2009 is our year!!! right? Go to my Flickr (that little streaming picture thing on the right over there) for all the pictures.