My year end review (since everyone else has one)

My things that meant stuff to me this year.

Fever ray
She is awesome awesome awesome. Was a hard sell for me the first time I heard it until I saw the videos and what have you. Seeing her live sealed the deal that this lady is now in my list of favorite artists... Bjork, look out!

Sin Fang Bous:
I love this guy. His album is great all the way through, and he is cute to boot! I have cooked many a meal with his album as my soundtrack.

Anhony and the Johnsons-The Crying Light:
Sad and languid. Lovely. Saw him perform at the schnitzer, and I wept in my overpriced pinot gris.

Grizzly bear-Vectamist:
We all know we all loved it.

Dear Zachary:
It officially came out in October of 2008, but it was in 2009 that it ripped myself and most people I know into little piles of sad.

Ugh, no more!

It seems to be in everything this year, and I am so so glad.

A&E shows:
Intervention, Obsessed, Hoarders, Awesome.

There was so so much more... But I gotta go to work. So thats all for 2009.
Oh, and I can't forget one of my favorite things of the year.



The send off

Willow's goin away party.....We talked, we laughed, we drank, and we danced. Willow has lived here about a year and a half, but It feels so much longer, and too short at the same time. Last night people got together to celebrate just that, well that and some awesome dancin fun drinkin bang-dilly awesomeness. Since Willow has been here we have lived together, gone to Astoria, traveled to Oroville, go up to the summit of M.t St helens, gone campin, slumber partied, pub crawled, had dinner nights, roasted auggie and I (amongst others) have shared some amazing times with her. I'm going to miss my friend. She's gone too soon.



Halloween was awesome. We all finally dressed up, and we all typically drank a lot. So much fun!
Willow was Lady GaGa

I was a red headed stepchild

Carrie was hungover.


Slow foods big fun

October kicked off dinner nights. Slow foods. There was wine, cake, pasta, seafood, and lovelyness.


My Sappho camp night

I went campin again. This time with an all girl group of girls who dig girls. It was good times! Convinced them that Tequila is a good idea, They made great food, I ate a lot of s'mores, and yahtzee'd the night away.


"In your face"-Summer

This was, as its been put, the summer of Holmans. It was more though. It was summer of weddings, camping, drinking, b-b-qing, trips, visiting friends, movies, and yes...patios. Here is taste of it .